Top 5 Reasons to Drink Smoothies

While smoothies come in many different colors, with respect to the ingredients used, many people swear by green smoothies. Why is a green smoothie their smoothie-of-choice? Let’s take a look at some of the popular reasons.

Nutrient Dense

Even though many smoothies use a mixture of fruits, yogurt, dairy and snow all blended collectively, green smoothies likewise have vegetables in them – especially the dark green leafy kind, such as kale, spinach or collard greens. Actually, it isn’t hard to meet a few of your daily dietary requirements when you add a green smoothie or two throughout your day.

Lose Weight

Because green smoothies use vegetables typically lower in calorie consumption, they make a good food when attempting to lose weight. Green smoothies are completing because of the dietary fiber in vegetables, so in addition they keep you sense full much longer, thus cutting your likelihood of raiding the refrigerator or pantry and finding yourself eating something counterproductive to slimming down. That helps maintain your current daily calorie count number low.

Save Money

Vegetables – one of the primary elements in green smoothies – are usually inexpensive in comparison with most fruits. And a bit will go along way. Besides being cheaper to make at home verses buying pre-made green smoothies, you understand and can control what’s in it. Pre-made smoothies of most colors are usually loaded with sugars.


People are occupied today. So active in truth many miss eating breakfast time because they go out of your time before they need to leave for work. Grabbing a green smoothie along the way out the entranceway that you made the night time before or thawed out immediately is a superb way to enter a nourishing breakfast time without taking on a great deal of your precious time.

Boost Energy

Green smoothies increase energy. However the huge difference between pre-made and those you make is you can control the quantity of glucose. So unlike pre-made, you won’t get that sugars crash a couple of hours after consuming it.

The ones you make haven’t any added glucose. And with the fibers from the fruit and veggies, digestion is slowed up. Therefore the natural sugars fructose is released more gradually into your blood stream, thus providing more of a power balance that continues quite a while. And the dietary fiber also can help you stay more regular in the digestive division.

There are a lot more reasons too numerous to list in that one article, but they are five of the greatest ones that individuals credit as to the reasons they like consuming green smoothies.


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